The mats come with different patterns 
  "Five Stripes" or "Rice Straw".

100cm x 100cm x 2cm

Density (hardness)
The mats come in either 90kg per m3 or 120kg per m3.
For karate we recommend the softer model 90kg per m3 which is normally used at karate tournaments. For boxing or gymnastics we recommend the harder version at 120kg per m3. Shoes can easily be used on the harder mats.

26,18 € pcs.. For bulk orders(100+) 

e-mail kamiwazashop@gmail.com for specific prices 
and shipping fees

EVA tatami mats

  1. EVA foam is non-toxic and odorfree, as there are no heavy metals in the material.
  2. The material is fire retardant
  3. The material is flexible, compact and extremely durable. (almost impossible to wear down when used correctly.)
  4. The mats are easy to clean with a wet sponge and mild soap.
  5. Non-slip surface
  6. It's easy to cut in the mats to fit in the room.
  7. the mats are easy to connect. The mats are EU-approved (CE directive EN-71) for all kinds of martial arts, gymnastics – gymnastics- and martial arts tournaments, and as safety floor in private homes, schools and kindergardens.